Driver: San Francisco – #31 – Let Me Extinguish You

Let’s Play Driver: San Francisco! Some of you may know that I am a big fan of the Driver series and this latest edition, released September 2011, has garnered many favorable reviews for its unique gameplay mechanics and overall fun-factor. I think we need to put that to the test! We finally get the firetruck mission I wished for back at the beginning of the game! Thanks for watching! Let me know if you liked this by clicking the “like” button or leaving a comment below to let me know what you think!

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14 Responses to Driver: San Francisco – #31 – Let Me Extinguish You

  1. MarkNie1 says:

    If it’s not too expensive, try X-Plane!

  2. akmal irfan says:

    it’s not a damn flock of seaguls it’s a flock of crows i knew they were suspicious.!

  3. gamer31199 says:

    01:17 haha made my day :D

  4. supernerf09 says:

    reverse REVERSE!……. aw you suck!

  5. Kiddalee says:

    hehe you said stick

  6. 10storme says:

    I find this easy to waggle my stick to.

  7. jeremy22702 says:

    It should be the new youtube layout, dont you agree?

  8. TheAlpine223 says:

    I bet next episode is last one… (spoilers)

  9. simster97 says:

    He used to be a web designer, but was unhappy with his job so he left it and living on savings at the moment “trying to see if this YouTube thing will work out” (because he’s a partner).

  10. turtl2ten says:

    Awesome series!! but i don’t wanna see you driving in real life :D

  11. dimentiosbigfan says:

    He has no job.

  12. denEtwasAnderen says:

    Kurt can i ask you smthing? Whats you job? If i had to guess. I would say something mathematical or physics related :)

  13. DinoComicsInc says:

    gosh darn ending

  14. WhatchThisHD says:


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